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Customer Testimonials


"I without hesitation recommend Julien Dunkley to any athlete who has the desire and the dedication to maximize their potential."


"It's amazing how much science there is behind speed, agility, and athleticism. Coach Julien is a master at teaching these fascinating technical skills. But what he does better than anyone else: he gets the kids to truly believe in themselves."


"His training methods lead to results and his success in the track world a foundation for his teaching. I also have seen my daughter grow as a person through him as he really cares about the kids and pays attention to details many would not see."

— High Performance Technique—

Sports Bio- Mechanics, Speed, Agility, Strength and Health Enrichment


The road to High Performance commences  with the aspiration for continuous development.


Julien A. Dunkley

Raleigh, NC

(516) 298-3716

(919) 289-8129

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